About Marais

As a trained scientist in the fields Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Genetics, I find myself frequently inquiring as to the operational mechanics of a variety of topics, not limited to those mentioned above.

I enjoy deliberating on morality, politics and the evolution of consciousness and human  interaction, all be it with a possibly polarized, deterministic view. I enjoy thought experiments that have the capacity to alter conventional ways of thinking. I am particularly fascinated by ‘The Extended Phenotype’, the scientific yet philosophical book on evolutionary biology by Richard Dawkins,

I do not subscribe to the supposition of a deity. For in principle, belief is predicated on transversing a separation between the known and unknown, with subjective bias, which in itself is yet further removed from true reality. I am of the opinion, that just because we cannot perceive an objective truth, does not constitute proof that it does not exist.

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